The NYT Article on Tara Reade is a Masterclass on Journalistic Sleight of Hand

How popular media can bury survivors

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1. Reade’s are the only motivations questioned in the article.

“Ms. Reade made her new allegation public as Mr. Biden was closing in on the Democratic presidential nomination after winning a string of primaries against his chief rival, Senator Bernie Sanders. Ms. Reade, who describes herself as a “third-generation Democrat,” said she originally favored Marianne Williamson and Senator Elizabeth Warren in the race but voted for Mr. Sanders in the California primary last month. She said her decision to come forward had nothing to do with politics or helping Mr. Sanders, and said neither his campaign nor the Trump campaign had encouraged her to make her allegation.”

2. NYT explores the possibility of Reade being a liar, but not the ramifications of her telling the truth.

3. The article judges Biden against Trump’s standard.

The NYT article includes 3 paragraphs about President Trump’s various sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations.

4. The article ignores a very compelling public record of sexual misconduct by Joe Biden.

As much as we should talk about what’s in the article, we should also talk about what is not.

5. NYT advertised the article as debunking Reade, when the story and their resulting article is far more complicated.

This brings me back to the original tweet that everyone was so up in arms about.

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