Bad Faith: The Limits of Political Imagination

A personal review of the left’s newest podcast panel-show.

Virgil Texas: “When [Bernie’s] campaign ended, as frankly, unfairly as it ended and as corruptly as it ended, everyone was left with nothing. And everyone was in their goddamn homes, alone.”

Briahna Joy Gray: “Yeah, and in their goddamn feelings.”

Texas: “And this is a time… when the basic bonds of capitalist society are dissolving — this is the time, more than ever, when we need a united left, one fist punching with one purpose.”

Gray: “And so in some ways, this podcast, we hope serves as a safe space, if you still. A place where we can all understand that we’re on the same team. Where we all share values, but where we can work out the more difficult thorny issues that do continue to divide the left. With the understanding that we’re all still pointed in the same direction.”

Usually, they come back to a central question: why is Biden’s campaign eschewing policy points that are widely popular among both Democrats and Republicans, like Medicare for All, when it would objectively be good for his campaign?

Writer. Leftie nobody.

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